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Thrilling Math question

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1Thrilling Math question Empty Thrilling Math question on Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:28 am


Three guys go in together to rent one hotel room for the night.

The hotel room costs $30. So they each put in $10. Easy enough. $10 x 3 guys = $30

But a little while later the hotel clerk learns that the room only costs $25.

So he gives the bellhop (5) $1 bills and tells the bellhop to give the three guys the money back.

But on the way up to their room the bellhop puts $2 in his pocket and then proceeds to give each of them $1 dollar back.

Easy enough right ?

So now each of the three guys only paid $9 each for the room.

But if $9 x 3 guys = $27. And the bellhop kept $2. Then where is the third dollar ?

* I honestly have no idea what the answer is. *


***Forum Administrator***

2Thrilling Math question Empty Re: Thrilling Math question on Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:31 am


This was put forward by the Discovery Channel in one of its shows ( I will be putting up the link if i could find the video in You Tube). They said that it is not maths that is confusing ( I dont know why) and it is the concept and the way of description that takes over (Honestly No Idea so dont question me Smile ) They said that the maths is simple...but how? I don't think they answered that Wink


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