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Rules and Regulations

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1Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations on Thu Sep 24, 2009 8:46 am


By registering or participating on this forum you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions.
The following terms apply to the discussion forum and chat room

Never give you password or login name to anyone else or allow others to use your account.
no use whatsoever
This forum strictly disallows any type of advertisement without the written permission of the administrator. Any posts or thread promoting any such commercial or non commercial ventures will be closed and their links removed
Multiposting Multiposwting on the forums is strictly disallowed.It only cluters the forums and do

Do not recruit any forum visitors to any of the commercial or non commercial ventures to gain support.

Thread bumping
. Do not post any replies in the pure intention of putting a thread to the top index.

Chat room flooding
: Do not flood the chat rooms at any times since it ma disrupt the smooth functioning of the chat room and if any such members are reported appropriate action will be taken up against them .

Offensive material: Since this is a forum wherein we have people from all strata of life visiting any posts messages or topics containing crude and gory imageries or sexual references or note will be removed. Graphical representations of sexual or gory images or videos are also not allowed in any manner..

Illegal material: Materials regarding any topics which have been judged illegal by the laws are strictly disallowed. However discussions in response to such articles are permitted. Also that influencing other members in using illegal items are also deemed appropriate and any action in such form will result in the temporary suspension of your account

. Copyrighted material: Copyright claims are a major source of problems and it is for this reason to avoid any copyright claims we have introduced quoting features in our posts. Please feel free to use this wherever and whenever you feel necessary

Garbage posting: Do not deliberately make posts of little worth or that contain nonsense, this includes making numerous short non-constructive posts designed to quickly inflate your post count or to annoy other members.

Private content: Contents from emails or PM’s or messages should not be mentioned in any posts in any parts of the forums because they are copyrighted to the sender. If you feel it as mandatory to put this please ask the express permission of the administrator so that any claims made in such a case shall be dismissed

. Language: As this is an English speaking site we ask that our members post only in English. Instant messages language is strictly restricted at every part of the forums.

Medical advice: Do not use the site to request medical assistance, you are always best to seek the advice of your doctor. Discussions pertaining to medical topics, discoveries and research are acceptable so long as they avoid recommending treatments to specific members. Similarly, promoting or recommending alternative or potentially harmful medications to visitors such as vitamin mega dosing, human growth hormones, prescription drug abuse, white powder of gold, psychic experience inducing drugs or anything similar is disallowed.

. Preaching: Do not promote or push religious beliefs on to others, we have visitors from all over the world of many different faiths and we ask that all beliefs be respected. Using the site to preach to, convert other members or to 'advertise' a belief system is disallowed, this board is about letting people decide for themselves what to believe.

Racism or hatred: Do not post racist or hate-driven material or views which express hatred towards or discriminate against any specific race, religion, country, gender, individual or group.

Harassment: Do not harrass, defame, threaten, bully or victimise other members, this includes but is not limited to sending harassing private messages or harassing members via posts, threads or profile comments.

Profanity: Do not use profanity, crude, vulgar language or attempt to intentionally bypass the profanity filter.

Trolling: Trolling is strictly disallowed. We define a 'troll' as someone who's purpose on the site is to create as much disruption as possible, offend as many people as possible or otherwise cause disruption intentionally for personal amusement. Behaviour that can be defined as "trolling" generally involves the posting of knowingly false or offensive comments or views designed to provoke, bait and annoy other members.

Flame baiting: Do not intentionally instigate "flame wars" or bait others in to making personal attacks.

Abusive behavior: Do not be rude, insulting, offensive, snide, obnoxious or abusive towards other members.

Multiple usernames: We have a password recovery system and members are requested to use it instead of registering new accounts. This will only clutter the forums. Any members found in violation to the same are most likely to get temporarily suspended.

Forum groups: The formation or promotion of organized groups, clans or gangs is disallowed, as are organized attempts to harass other members, disrupt discussions or enforce a certain viewpoint in any way that prevents fair and unbiased discussion.

Thread derailment: Do not derail or 'hijack' threads with posts that are either off-topic or designed to draw attention away from what is being discussed. If you'd like to discuss something different either start a new thread or find another existing thread which better suits the area you wish to discuss.

Forum warfare: Do not initiate or participate in "wars" with other members. Collective or individual attempts to attack, accuse, discredit or force a certain viewpoint on other members are disallowed. A "war" can constitute a prolonged series of disruptive confrontations between specific members or groups of members with similar beliefs or views, usually with either side accusing the other of being the aggressor and attacking, criticising and baiting each other on a regular basis. Action will be taken against members who instigate or participate in this type of activity.

Defamation: Do not use this site or its services to attack, promote hatred towards or otherwise defame other web sites, forums, groups or individuals; any posts or threads of this nature are liable to be removed without notice. Links to web sites hosting or promoting hatred or defamatory attacks aimed at either this site, its staff or its members are also liable to be removed.

Writing: Please don’t compose your posts fully in Capital letter as that we mean that ou are shouting at members which we deem inappropriate

Worth of post: Please don’t make one word responses but always its good to elaborate your posts

Quoting: Do not quote everything that has come beforehand in a thread only to add a short response, this not only clutters up the board but makes threads harder to follow and tends to be frowned upon by other visitors. Quote tags should only be used to remove any ambiguity over what you are responding to, only use them when necessary.

Display name: Display names intentionally registered for promoting commercial or noncommercial organization and ventures are strictly disallowed. Please choose a sensible display name.

Spelling and grammar: Since we have people from all strata of life members are restricted to criticize other members on ground of spelling and the grammar they use. If you have any doubts pertaining such person then it is best you ask it directly in a polite manner..

. Signature and avatar: Please be sensible when it comes to what you put in your profile. Signatures and avatars should not contain excessively gory, violent, sexually oriented, drug related, overly distracting or offensive content. Signatures should not be used to attack, denigrate or belittle other members or to 'bash' or mock religious beliefs or views. We reserve the right to remove any signature that we deem to be unsuitable, inappropriate or disruptive.

Compliance: You agree to co-operate with the requests of our site staff should you be asked to stop doing something that they deem to be disruptive, inappropriate or in violation of the terms of service.

Protest: You agree not to attack, harass, threaten or become abusive towards any member of staff. Members who become offensive or participate in harassing, threatening or retaliatory action against the site or a member of staff will be subject to further action..

Appeal: If you disagree with action taken against your account by a member of staff you can appeal the decision by contacting either the member of staff who took said action or an administrator privately via e-mail or through our private message system. Please do not use the forum or chat room to criticize or complain about moderator actions, to discuss member bans or to start a petition or protest against any action that has been taken. [b]

If your access or posting rights have been revoked, do not register more accounts in order to circumvent this restriction or have another member post or deliver messages on your behalf. Accounts that we find belong to previously banned members will also be banned.

Moderator Action

All our moderators are people who spend their time in making this forums neat and without any offensive contents and as such we do reserve the right to Lock, delete or edit any topics or posts that we deem inappropriate. Members are requested to co-operate with the moderators and Administrators in this forum and help maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Multiple violations of any rules by any member despite repeated warnings form the Moderators are taken very seriously. In any case the members do have the right to contact the moderators and ask them for justifications. In any case the decision of the Administrator is final

Our Forums reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice, and in any situation the decision of an Administrator is final.

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